Sweeping up Sawdust on a Windy Day I (2018)
Sweeping Up Sawdust on a Windy Day (blue skirt) (2018)
Sweeping Up Sawdust on a Windy Day (blue trousers) (2018)
Naked Work Party (2018)
Green Rind Green Rag (2018)
Mental Checklist (2018)
Sweeping Up During the Eclipse I (black sweater) (2018)
Sweeping up During the Eclipse III (dust pan) (2018)
Sweeping up During the Eclipse II (forked tree) (2018)
Often, But a Little at a Time (L), (2018)
Often, But a Little at a Time (R), (2018)
Waiting for Ida (for Kaki) (2017)
The Queen Gets a Caller (2017)
Look, I Got You Something (2017)
They Took Down the Signs (but we found it anyway) (2017)
Feeding the Ravens In Matching Pajamas (2017)
The Queen's Harvest (2017)
Indigo Vat (2017)
Sea Ranch for Amber (2017)
Sea Ranch for Amber II (2017)
In celebration of Immigration (2017)
Slippery Fish (2017)
Double Confession II (A & I) (2016)
Bury the Body II (diggers) (2016)
Bury the Body III (copse) (2016)
Bury the Body IV (copse, lrg.) (2016)
River Wash II (dirty undies) (2016)
Bury the Body IV (diggers) (2016)
In Waiting I (2016)
River Wash III (coin-op) (2016)
Picnic at Jack London I (2016)
Picnic at Jack London II (2016)
Bury the Body I (Harvest) (2016)
Bury the Body VII (red house) (2016)
Harvesting the Royal Onions (2016)
River Wash I (laundry day) (2016)
(detail) Double Confession I (bay) (2016)
Double Confession I (bay) (2016)
Drake's (2016)
from SHE SAID SHE SAID / Gallery Route One / 2016
from She Said She Said / Gallery Route One / 2016
Mantis House (2016)
Freeman's End (2016)
To find out what it's like (2016)
The Treasure Hunters (2016)
The Expedition (2016)
Eve Works (2016)
Eve Works II (2016)
Grasp (2016)
The Children Sane (2015)
High Noon in the Wifery I (2014)
High Noon in the Wifery III (2015)
High Noon in the Wifery II (2015)
I've Never Been Fishing (2015)
Shearers II (2015)
Shearers III (2015)
Shoal/Sheol (2014)
I've Never Been Fishing II (2016)
Rump to Rump in the Kitchen (2016)
Dogs don't like libraries (2016)
Man, Woman, Toy Department (2016)
My Mother in Someone Else's Chair (2016)
5 Easy Steps to Breaking Down a Rabbit (2016)
We, The Milked III (2015)
Shearers I (2014)
We, The Milked I (2015)
We, The Milked II (2015)
Pluckers II (2013)
Oyster Beds (2014)
Man, Woman, Udders I (2015)
Man, Woman, Udders II (2015)
Waiting Room (2013)
Two Women in the Mud (2015)
Diggers II (2015)
Pluckers I (2013)
Pluckers VI // Grz (2015)
Morning on the Bridge (2015)
Pluckers IV (2014)
Quilting Bee II (2014)
Quilting Bee I (2014)
Two Girls II (2014)
Pluckers III (2013)
Quiet Work (2014)
Rhizosphere: Celebrating West Marin's Artists & Creative Legacy from 1960-today
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